P.R.I.D.E. (Patterson Recognizing Individuals Determined to Excel) has been awarding scholarships to Patterson School District students since 2002. Awards totaling over $1 Million dollars have been given out to more than 650 students over the years. Scholarship applications will be available to eligible students in the spring of 2021 for the graduating classes of Patterson High, Del Puerto High, and OVIS. Scholarships can be used at Trade Schools, Junior Colleges, Colleges and Universities.

Congratulations to the PRIDE Scholarship Award recipients of 2021!

Thank you to our community and business partners for their continuing support of these important scholarship awards for Patterson Joint Unified School District graduates. Another challenging year due to Covid did not slow us down!

We wish the Graduating Class of 2021 much success and happiness in their future endeavors!

2021 Scholarship Award Recipients:

Name Award
Natali Alfrao-Gallardo Harold Hill Memorial Scholarship $500.00
Mario Ielmini Memorial Scholarship $1,000.00
Gisell Chavez Alvarez Patterson Garden Club Scholarship $1,500.00
Yannick Andzouana PRIDE Scholarship $1,500.00
Julian Castano Betty Carlson Memorial Scholarship $1,500.00
Adrian Contreras Apricot Fiesta Chris Bingham Scholarship $500.00
Bryan DeGroot Memorial Scholarship $500.00
Thompson Chevrolet Scholarship $1,000.00
Rachael Cross Apricot Fiesta Kitty Lambert Scholarship $500.00
Mr. and Mrs. Shig Yamamoto Memorial Scholarship $500.00
Lucich/Santos Farms Scholarship $500.00
Magali Cueva PJUSD Management Team Scholarship $500.00
PRIDE Scholarship $1,000.00
Noah De La Rosa Faith Logistics Scholarship $1,000.00
PRIDE Scholarship $200.00
Yadira Delgado Diaz PRIDE Scholarship $800.00
Mountain Mike’s Pizza Scholarship $500.00
Alexa Dayana Espericueta PJUSD Management Team Scholarship $500.00
Beta Sigma Phi Patterson Preceptor Xi Phi Scholarship $1,000.00
Aaralyne Flores Eusebio Sam Cuellar Memorial Scholarship $500.00
Bunny Drew Memorial Scholarship $500.00
Jensen and Jensen Scholarship $1,000.00
Brieonna Cedo Gaches Burta Herger Memorial Scholarship $1,000.00
Zianna Garcia Patterson MOMS Club Scholarship $1,500.00
Alexis Gaxiola Bob and Linda Days Memorial Scholarship $250.00
Friends of the Library Marilynne Allen Memorial Scholarship $600.00
PRIDE Scholarship $450.00
Anthea Gines Sandee Hill Memorial Scholarship $1,000.00
Chris Bingham Memorial PRIDE Scholarship $1,000.00
Melissa Guicho Miles Family Scholarship $500.00
PRIDE Scholarship $700.00
Nathanael Farah Gutierrez Jamie Newkom Scholarship $250.00
Ian and Courtney Mahaffey Scholarship $750.00
PRIDE Scholarship $300.00
Caleb Henry Patterson Lions Club Scholarship $1,500.00
Angelica Hernandez Mario Ielmini Memorial Scholarship $1,000.00
PRIDE Scholarship $300.00
Luis Hernandez PRIDE Scholarship $1,500.00
Andrea Huacuz John Barbaste Memorial Scholarship $1,500.00
Ada Kaine Evelyn Jack Burta Herger Memorial Scholarship $2,000.00
Antarpreet Kaur Boyarsky Memorial Scholarship $1,000.00
Friend of the Library Elwood Schut Memorial Scholarship $500.00
Mr. and Mrs. Shig Yamamoto Memorial Scholarship $500.00
Jake Kuderca Eusebio Sam Cuellar Memorial Scholarship $500.00
Bryan DeGroot Memorial Scholarship $500.00
Sam Cuellar Memorial PRIDE Scholarship $1,000.00
Adrianna Lopez Beta Sigma Phi Patterson Preceptor Xi Phi Scholarship $500.00
Faith Logistics Scholarship $1,000.00
Giselle Santos Marquez Patterson Rotary Club Scholarship $500.00
Patterson Study Club Scholarship $250.00
PRIDE Scholarship $550.00
Isaac Lee James Martikke Patterson Masonic Lodge Scholarship $1,500.00
Logan McCleery McAuley Ford Scholarship $1,000.00
PRIDE Scholarship $1,000.00
Alyssa Medina Miles Family Scholarship $500.00
PRIDE Scholarship $400.00
Luis Moreno Barn Stormers Scholarship $400.00
PRIDE Scholarship $900.00
Mitchell Wayne Morris Mario Ielmini Memorial Scholarship $1,000.00
Mukarram Mourtazo Eusebio Sam Cuellar Memorial Scholarship $1,000.00
Joland Schut Memorial PRIDE Scholarship $1,000.00
Sofia Musson Apricot Fiesta Sue Buchanan Scholarship $500.00
Daryl Dennis Memorial Scholarship $500.00
Jensen and Jensen Scholarship $1,000.00
Paco Ortega Cardenas Patterson Association of Teachers Scholarship $500.00
Patterson Education Foundation Scholarship $500.00
Cardenas PRIDE Scholarship $300.00
Francisco Ortiz Bingham Family Memorial Scholarship $2,000.00
Jaiden Ortiz Patterson Garden Club Scholarship $1,500.00
Gabriel Paniagua Mountain Mike’s Pizza Scholarship $500.00
Oak Valley Bank Scholarship $500.00
PRIDE Scholarship $300.00
Sariah Perez Patterson Rotary Club Scholarship $1,500.00
Evelyn Quiterio Carolyn Traina Staton Memorial $1,000.00
Chuck and Martha Thompson Memorial Scholarship $1,000.00
Juan Rios PRIDE Scholarship $1,200.00
Jocelyn Sagapolu Joel Ramirez Memorial Scholarship $1,500.00
Marisela Sala-Curvas Patterson Soroptimist Scholarship $1,500.00
Ezekiel Sandoval Frank Herger Memorial Scholarship $1,000.00
PRIDE Scholarship $300.00
Annaiza Sandoval Ruth McKenry Memorial Scholarship $1,000.00
Sophia Skelson Mario Ielmini Memorial Scholarship $2,000.00
Jonathan Thomas Marilynne Allen Memorial PRIDE Scholarship $1,000.00
Mathematical Association of Patterson Scholarship $500.00
Melo Machine Scholarship $500.00
Angel Tinoco PRIDE Scholarship $1,000.00
Faith Logistics Scholarship $1,000.00
Leticia Vargas Wesley Cole Memorial Scholarship $250.00
Jim Zito Memorial Scholarship $250.00
PRIDE Scholarship $800.00
Jessica Villasenor Burta Herger Memorial Scholarship $2,000.00
Nicole Washburn Del Mar Farms Scholarship $1,000.00
PRIDE Scholarship $1,000.00
Javan Williams George Klopping Memorial Scholarship $2,000.00


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