Patterson High School hosted PRIDE’s 12th Annual Scholarship Awards Night on Tuesday, May 12, 2015.  The Clara Johnson Memorial Auditorium accommodated all sixty-eight invited seniors, their supportive families, and presenters.

The Awards Night started promptly at 7pm with the memorial scholarships setting the tone for the evening.  Moments of inspiration and laughter filled the auditorium as presenters shared tidbits about the individuals they love and in whose honor the scholarships were given.  Presenters of the supporting PRIDE organizations presented, followed by individual donors.  Expressions of gratitude, pride and pure excitement were written all over the faces of students as they heard their name called.  By the close of the evening, $70,500 was awarded in scholarships; an additional $6,500 was awarded to honor scholars.

We celebrate the hard work and commitment these students have displayed.  The future is bright for the graduating class of 2015!

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