Bob Kimball’s 82nd birthday ride

Wow! That’s the best description of Bob Kimball’s 82nd Birthday 82 Mile Ride. What an inspiration to ride with Bob on this special day. If I make it to 82 years old I know what I want to do on my birthday. Congratulations Bob. Bob not only covered the distance he did it on a cold, windy, wet day. After singing happy birthday to Bob the ride was off. On the first half of the ride , that traveled north to the first rest stop on McCraken Road ,riders had a taste of cyclecross. Farmers on Cox Road had harvested crops to beat the coming storm. Friday night’s rain coupled with dirt on the road created what is best described as muddy slime. At the rest stop the sun came out and it appeared that the rest of the day would be beautiful. Not so. On the return to the midway point the wind picked up and we where treated to a rain shower. Apologies to the riders that waited to meet us at the midway point. The loop just took longer than expected and we did not connect with many of you. The second loop traveled south to Crows Landing. Just before the rest stop a heavy down pour soaked the group. Everyone was getting a little tired but the rain didn’t dampen the spirits. The last rest stop was on Oak Flat Road . This would be the start of the only climb of the day. The Oak Flat Diablo Grande loop. During the climb all of us felt the fatigue of being in the elements all day long. At the turn around at the guard shack we stop for a rest and, with the ride end so near, Bob’s energy was radiant. All that was left was the decent back to the start with two small climbs included. At the top of the second climb Bob took over the front and led the group on the rest of the decent to the finish.


THE FINISH. I can’t express the feeling. A bottle of champagne was passed around , we all congratulated Bob and each other. But words can not express the feeling of sharing this experience with Bob Kimball. I have been blessed with accomplishments in many sporting events but this one goes right to the top. Every wet, cold, windy mile riding with Bob was special.

As part of the ride Bob also gathered pledges for the Pride scholarship fund. To date pledge totals are $6,000 and counting. Thanks to each and everyone of you that helped make the event so special and successful.

At diner Saturday evening Bob was presented with several awards. The Hammer Till You Drop trophy ( a well used brass hammer head), The Boy Sprinter award (a copy of Mark Canvendish’s book , Boy Racer) and the Drop Like a Rock Downhill trophy ( a river rock). Being the king of the ride Bob also received an Old Guys Rule sticker. Indeed , old guys rule.

NOTE: The ride distance was 83 miles. Bob said he is banking the extra mile for next year.