The 70 for 70 P.R.I.D.E. bike ride was an exciting, fun first. With a total of 55 riders, there were a range of abilities. Thirty three of these riders chose to ride our 70 mile route. This included west side riders and some outside bike club members. The rest of the group had a choice of a 43mile, 35 mile or 15 mile route. All riders were given great rest stops and total support of sag vehicles throughout their chosen distances. We were very thankful to Arnold and Terry Regalado for opening their Westley McDonalds up to all distance riders. When the groups showed up they had the full menu of healthy choices plus a window inside to order any breakfast item pro bono. After this excellent refresher it was back onto their bikes and on to the next stop on Sycamore Rd.

At this rest stop all riders could have a complete lunch or something quick to grab or drink before heading back to the start area or onto the rest of the 70 mile ride. The 70 mile riders had the chance to devour high energy items at our Oak Flat road stop…with only 8 miles left these people were needing the goodies this rest stop provided. When arriving at the original starting spot all riders were given a breakfast burrito, fresh fruit and many drink choices. We are happy to announce that P.H.S. Wrestling took us up on the $250 for $250 offer. By sending a few volunteers, a few riders and raising $250 on their own a generous contributor kicked in the other $250 for a total gain toward wrestling scholarships of $500. The wrestling club will use this as they continue to earn monies toward scholarships for their graduating senior P.R.I.D.E. scholarship recipients.


Our intention is to continue this bike ride, one per year in the month of September. Every year we will work on making the ride better and better.


Thank you to all who participated and donated. We are only as good as the people who we work with!!